Meet the Young Professionals

The Young Professionals of Wellington organization was founded in 2012 in an effort to energize a demographic that has traditionally been uninvolved in the critical issues that have shaped the direction of our town. Each member of the Young Professionals of Wellington has been selected for membership to the group either by referral or reputation in the community after a thorough vetting and peer review process. We seek not only the most talented in their respective profession, but also the most ambitious. Through careful and calculated growth, our group strives to serve as a credible voice in Wellington and we take pride in representing ourselves and our community in a manner worthy of our uncompromising standards.
We are a 501c3 organization and a 100% volunteer board.

2016 Officers

Pam Tahan
2017 President

John Bowers
2017 Vice President

Ryan Mishkin
2017 Vice President

What We Do

By The Numbers

Each year the YPOW board approves a targeted 5-6 project/event
agenda for the coming year, carefully budgeting to ensure goals are met
while maintaining a cost effective program. YPOW board meetings take
place monthly, while a range of steering committee planning sessions
take place each week.


Annual Budget


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Donated to Local Charities


Participants in Events and Programs

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